Susan Rooke’s Monastic Ordination on July 4th at Plum Village


Susan Rooke along with 8 other Aspirants were ordained as Nuns / Monks, at Plum Village on July 4th . Denise, Abi and myself were fortune enough to be there and share the experience. Her sister and niece were also there and any fears they may have had of loosing their sister / aunt were transformed with the realisation that they were part of a ‘bigger family’!

It was a day of solemn ceremony, very moving transformation and joyful celebration.

Susan – Chan Trang Tam Muoi (True Moon of Samadhi )- sends her love to you all. She is very happy.

(There were links to photographs lodged in a ‘Dropbox’ account but they have since disappeared.)






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August 2 2012