“Aware of suffering caused by exploitation, social injustice, stealing and oppression, I am committed to cultivating loving kindness and learning ways to work for the well-being of people, animals, plants and minerals. I will practise generosity by sharing my time, energy and material resources with those who are in real need. I am determined not to steal and not to possess anything that should belong to others. I will respect the property of others, but I will prevent others from profiting from human suffering or the suffering of other species on Earth.”

The Second Mindfulness Training

The Community of Interbeing UK raises funds to help in Vietnam:

All donations are sent to Plum Village to be used in the way Plum Village considers to best meet current needs.

How You Can Help

Make a  donation

  • One-off donations: Please send a cheque payable to The Community of Interbeing UK and send it to Karen Boreham, Hilltown Farm, Northview Rd,Okehampton,Devon,EX20 1SN
  • Regular donations by standing order.